Below are projections for the top 3 teams and individuals for conference meets across CT, with a projected time(adjusted for the course that the meet is on), and projected point totals for the top 3 teams.



Joe Pearl(Manchester)- 16:19

Trey Cormier(Hall)-16:28

Heath Olivieri(EC)-16:34


Hall-52 pts

Tolland-100 pts

Glastonbury-144 pts


Notes: Hall looks to be the clear favorite in the team race, projecting to put their top 5 in the top 15 spots in the race.  Tolland's strength is in their depth, as they have just one runner in the top 10.  



Jenna Zydanowicz(Hall)- 19:01

Kate Hedlund(Manchester)-19:52

Alexandra Ross(Gbury)- 19:57


Glastonbury-42 pts

EO Smith-97 pts

Avon-107 pts


Notes: This meet looks to be lopsided for both the individual and team race.  Zydanowicz of Hall is the clear favorite individually, though it will be a big pack of runners vying for 2nd place.  Glastonbury is poised to run away with the meet with 2 runners in the top 5 and their entire top 5 in the top 20.  



Ben Seiple(Staples)-15:45

Alex Mocarski(Warde)-15:50

Will Landowne(Staples)-15:55


Staples- 42 points

Warde-60 points

Danbury- 62 points


Notes: Individually, this is the most wide-open FCIAC boys race in years, as there is no clear favorite to take the win.  The Staples duo of Ben Seiple and Will Landowne, Alex Mocarski, and Dan Nichols(Danbury) all look like they will have a legitimate shot to win the race.  With their usual top competitor Danbury experiencing a down year, Staples looks to run away easily with the team title, though it will be a tight race for 2nd between Danbury and Warde, likely coming down to each team's 5th man, as both teams rely heavily on a strong top 2 or 3.  


Morgan McCormick(Wilton)-14:10

Zoe Harris (Greenwich)-14:50

Hetty McMillan(Greenwich)-15:07


Greenwich-42 points

Danbury- 71 points

Ridgefield-103 points


Notes: Unsurprisingly, Morgan McCormick is the clear favorite to win this race, and we should expect to see a large gap between first and second place.  Team-wise, Danbury is looking to have a historically strong finish, likely beating Ridgefield, who are having a rare down-year.  Danbury is projected to have 5 all-FCIAC runners(top 30).



Eli Nahom(New Milford)-16:35

Connor McNerney(Immaculate)-17:12

Timothy Lautenbach(Weston)-17:20


Immaculate-69 pts

Newtown-70 pts

Pomperaug-92 pts


Notes: Eli Nahom(NM) is the clear favorite in this race, yet New Milford as a team is having an uncharacteristic rebuilding year this year, so we will see new faces on the podium this year.  It looks to be an incredibly tight race between Immaculate and Newtown.  We have Immaculate projected to take a narrow 1 point victory, but it could really go either way.  Pomperaug, a perennial postseason threat, can't be counted out of this race, and could surprise Immaculate and Newtown to take the team title.  



Angela Saidman-19:32

Ivy Walker-19:44

Kate Wiser-20:02


Pomperaug-28 pts

Immaculate-55 pts

New Milford-129 pts


Notes: The top SWC girls have remained quiet so far this year, choosing not to run many of the big invitationals, including Wickham.  We will see who has progressed the most since early season races at this meet, and Saidman, Walker, and Wiser are all comfortably spread from each other in the top 3 spots, but there could be a lot of variation in this race, and all 3 of them, plus other runners such as Maddie Villa(Pomperaug), have a shot to win this race.  Team-wise, this should clearly go Pomperaug's way as they are primed to put 4 in the top 7 of this race.